The hairs at the back of my neck are straight :( what to do?

2 Answers

I have the same issue. Most of the time, our curly hair is not just one curl pattern, for example in my bang area, my curls are 2c in the back near my crown my curls are 3c and the rest of my hair is 3b, however in the back of my neck on the bottom, my curls are loose and almost straight. The most you can do is when you are scrunching your hair, make sure you really concentrate on that back section; the more love and encouragement you give to the curl, the more willing it is to give you what you want. And if all else fails and you still aren't getting any type of curl, grab a curling iron, set it on its lowest temp and create your own curls. 
I have the same problem. I recently cut my hair into a long inverted bob to get rid of ratty bits underneath at the back. Now whenever I have any straight bits I simply dampen them, wind them around my finger and pin them until they dry. Works for me. We could be experiencing this because it's finer hair and tends to rub and wear away on clothes when we move our heads. Try this method instead of heat as heat might make it even straighter.