hairstylist straighten my hair and now curls are frizzy. Help, what to do to bounce back

hairstylist made my hair straight to cut it after coloring. Ever since my curls are not bouncing back and they are really frizzy. What can I do to get them springy again?

2 Answers

Oh no... I'm sorry they straightened it. Anyways, heat tools and coloring do two things: they'll open your cuticle, and strip your hair of protein. Regardless of what porosity you have, try treating your hair like it's high porosity. That means using leave-ins, creams rather than gels, butters, and on top of those (you don't have to use all of them, just whatever works for you) use something to seal your hair and prevent moisture from leaving (an emollient), like an oil. Make sure to use products with protein, or once a week try putting greek yogurt in your hair after shampooing, and leaving it in for 15 minutes before rinsing. If your hair gets even dryer after following both of these steps, that means you have too much protein in your hair, and should deep condition, and cut back on the protein for a while. If you're protein sensitive, just don't listen to the protein thing, but do make sure to keep your hair very hydrated. 
deep condition like there is no tomorrow... or you know once to twice a week. You will want to use the most moisturizing products you can. Do a protein treatment if you are not protein sensitive. Use one made for hair though. Unfortunately, eggs and yogurt, while able to make the hair shiny, have too large of protein molecules to effectively bond to the hair. You will want hydrolyzed proteins to use. Aphogee 2 step is much beloved for its healing effect. Be warned though, this stuff smells like cat pee and does contain silicones.Give it a few weeks to see if the curls recover. You may see small improvements over time. Next time, don't let the hair dresses abuse your hair with straightening and coloring. Color it and leave the salon with wet hair if necessary (it's what I do... not ideal, but saves my hair from blow driers and hot tools).Best of luck!