Has anyone else gone through this?

For as long as I can remember I have worn my hair in a ponytail or a bun. I could never manage to detangle my hair or figure out what to do with it, and coming from a family where i am the only one who has curly hair, it was difficult to figure it out by myself. Because of my hair being in a ponytail or bun continuously for about 8 years, the front section of my hair is dry, damaged, and refuses to curl. It just hangs limp and frizzy which further inclines me to just put it in a bun. It also never gets wet like seriously it dries in 2 seconds xD. I dont know if anyone else has been in the same situation but if so, it would really help to hear tips for "rejuvenating" that part of my hair. Btw i have 3b/c hair that is a few inches past my shoulders when curly and down the middle of my back when straight. Its insanely frizzy and puffy and dry. :/

1 Answer

I have a friend with the same type hair and he pulls it up everyday. I feel so bad for her because I'm sure after her was treated properly and she knew the right products to use for her hair it would fabulous. However I'm far from a curly hair guru. I'm 35 yrs old and my hair is an everyday change. I know I could have gorgeous soft natural curls I just have no idea how to get the or there. Good luck at finding an answe