why is the back of my head 3b curly and the front barely 2c/3a?????

ive been going cg for some time now, i use two different conditioners, one for curly hair (cg approved) and the other for wavy hair (not cg approved) and they affect my hair sort of the same. But anyways, i dont use alot of shampoo so it doesnt damage my hair. Ive done a protein treatment with olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, honey, and conditioner and they calmed my frizz. BUT, THE BACK OF MY HEAD IS 3B AND THE FRONT IS WAVY/LOOSE CURLISH! HOW CAN I FIX THIS? AND WHY is it like this????/ please help

1 Answer

I don't think there is a way to "fix it". Many curlies have multiple hair textures all over their heads. Most in fact-- it's very unlikely that you'd have one hair texture all over. My hair is 3C towards my nape, the middle/front is 4A and my edges are 4B. It's just natural. Unless your hair is damaged (check at your roots, is it 3B like the back? Curly roots and wavy ends may be a sign of heat damage), your hair probably naturally grows like that. A way of "remedying" this would probably be manipulating the front of your hair to match the texture of the back. Try perm rods, flexi rods, or just maybe some defining products. You could also try contacting a stylist to get a haircut that would optimize the look of all of your textures!Good Luck!