No more heat damage, but struggling to have defined curls

I'm beyond frustrated with my hair. I have no hear damage but I can't have defined curls for the life of me (3b biracial hair)In order to have frizz free curls I have to finger twirl (doesn't always work). I don't wana have to walk around like a crazy person with twirls of wet curls anymore just to have frizz free curls! I want to find a way to easily define my curls without looking strange. I have tried EVERYTHING (multiple techniques of each) from multiple French braids, Bantu knots, plopping, finger twirls, scrunching, smoothing the hair down then scrunching, ect. I use kinky curly "knot today" conditioner and a sulfate/silicone free suave conditioner as well. Could it be the products I'm using? I used to use deva curl's angel gel, but it makes my hair have a white caste. I'm very iffy on gels because I want fluffy soft curls without a crunchy look Please help! I just want touchable bouncy defined curls.

1 Answer

Hi Kathleen, First off you have beautiful curls. Second I totally understand the frizz problem. ( I don't think your hair is frizzy though!?!) I struggled with it for years. Everyone has different hair so its understandable that nothing works for you. But I highly recommend the cantu hair products line I use the curl activating cream and it works wonders. Also the product is light on your hair if its thin; but a little bit goes a long way. As for the products you use they are great and I don't think anything is wrong with them but your hair might just be used to them so they don't work as well. I hope this helped answer your questions...stay curly;)