How in the heck do i keep my 3b/3c fine hair moisturized?

okay so i think my hair is a mix of 3b/3c. its pretty fine i have never relaxed or permed my hair, and there is no dye in it right now. But my question is how in the heck do i keep it moisturized? after i condition it i always add some type of moisturizer while its wet and a little oil to seal the moisture in (since my hair is fine I cant overload it with products because it weighs down my hair and makes it look really thin and greasy). i let my hair air dry. After it drys i sometimes use a flat iron to elongate my curls a bit (on the lowest setting and only going over each section of hair once), but i dont feel that this would be doing much damage. after that i will also use a moisturizer. but after day one, and sometimes on the same say that ive conditioned and moisturized my ends will be super dry and brittle. i feel like my ends break off a lot as well. I do trim my own hair. i dont trust anyone with my hair unfortunately lol. any advice is much appreciated, thanks! (the photo attached is day 3 hair)

1 Answer

Fine hair and curly hair is more fragile and ANY heat from flat iron is not good..period. Also, oils have different smoking points and (as in cooking olive oil can't be use on high heat but avocado oil can be) so the oil is not necessarily helpful in this case.I would make sure you are following the Curl Girl method (no sulfates, no silicones). I would do a Hask Keratin protein pack to deep condition and then try some leave in like Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In or the Shea Moisture Yucca styling Milk. If you use an oil after that's fine but i would back off the flat iron. IF you want to elongate your curls try a twist out. But it sounds like your ends might have old heat and color damage? And a little more trimming could help. You have gorgeous curls! Just some product tweaking can be helpful. If you aren't familiar with the Curl Girl method of taking care of your curls here is quick article to get your started. and then check out Youtube for curly girl method info for #3b/c hair. CurlyPenny is a good one to start with but there are others like BiancaRenee and Naptural85 (even though she has a different texture).Best!!!