I am 26 years old. I literally began bleaching, dying black to brown to pink to blue to bleaching my hair again at about the age of 13-14. I've probably bleached and/or dyed my hair a million times over since that age, rarely got trims, and always straightened my hair at the highest setting. 2016 was the year I've stopped most of that but just very recently I've thrown away my straightener and am going CG. My curls after all of the junk I've done to it are still 3A/3B but the underneath barely curls and I know it did before I was 13/14 and started bleaching it. Will that just take longer to catch up? My hair is extremely thick so is it weighed down? I find the more product I put in my hair the worse the curls turn out as well. Any suggestions on getting the under curls back??? 

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