Please help me get my curls back?!

I naturally have spiral curls growning up. I sure took it for granted. During highschool I started straightening it over and over. I was about 15. By the age of 18, I have dyed and bleach my hair total of 5 times, for black to blonde blonde with cheap to salon chemicals. Last time I've dyed my hair with bleach was 2010 since then I've found that my curls never come back like it use too and over time I seem to have lost my curls. Here's where it get's a bit tricky. 2012 I have chopped my hair from being past my boob length to Kris Jenner short hair still straightening it non stop. My hair started growing with just my baby hairs being curl but still not what it use to be. Please help me, have I permanently lose my curls or do I still have hope. I should mention I am battling a thyroid disease. Hyperthyroidism to be exact.. What do I do to get back my curls? Please help, I'm so desperate. I haven't done ang treatments because I don't know where to start. If you can please help me step by step also what products are best to use and methods.

1 Answer

Sorry to say, but with the info you have given, your hair might be gone for good. And keeping it there will only make things worse especially if it's dry and split ends are frequent. Starting over would be the best thing to HEAL your head back to curls. It honestly doesn't take to many times for some people to experience scalp and hair damage from chemical such as dyes . But alas, you can cut out all chemical and hear, because the damage that you have caused made your hair very sensitive to them. I recommend coconut oil and shea butter. it helped bring my curls, that had been dead for too long from a bad dye, back. But it will definitely take time. Make sure you deep condition and use good products. But don't forget, moisture is essential to hair and skin (scalp) and what's better than water? Dab a little water in your hair then lock it all in with an oil of your choosing. Try a protective style such as braids, which will allow you to not manipulate your hair so much and give it time to rest. I know battling your disease may be hard and if there is some reason you cannot BC comfortably try a wig that is not lace front or make stylish braids your staple until your disease is stable and your hair is healthy..