Help me grow my hair back!

So my hair started thinning out (falling out) in fall of 2014. I dyed it platinum blonde July 2014. Then a month later I got highlights to darken it out. Finally dyed it brown in October 2014. My hair used to be very very thick and long. But in December I noticed it was falling out drastically. I went to various doctors and they said my thyroid is fine and my iron was low but not too bad. I took iron for a while and tried various shampoos and conditioners. I try not to straighten my hair and if I did it was only once a week. Now I noticed it is still very thin. I'm worried more might fall out from getting highlights in July. I really need to change my hair regime. I workout 6 days week so I need to know what to do and how often to wash and with what products. Please help me grow my hair back!

1 Answer

Here's a blog post by a girl who had very damaged hair from straightening. Check out the before and after photos. In the after picture her hair looks much thicker and curlier. She explains her hair care regimen in detail, maybe it will help you. Good luck! If you have curly hair, please read this. Included is my story, my routine, product recommendations, and photos!