Help! why is my hair falling out?!

back in April I decided to go completely natural. I do not use heat on my hair whatsoever, I never towel dry my hair, and to detangle I use a wide tooth comb or finger comb in the shower. The only harmful thing I do to my hair is use hair dye which is once every 4 months. I wasn't seeing much new growth in my hair and my hair seems to be just as frizzy. I finally realized it was probably do to my need for a hair cut considering I had pretty bad split ends. however, since getting this hair cut I have lost SOSOSO much hair in the shower. I have never had a problem loosing this much hair. I dont' understand why?? Also, I feel like since my haircut, instead of refreshing my curls, like it normally would.. that my curls have been more.... droopy instead of bouncy. I don't understand ?!?! why is my hair falling out, have no life, and not growing?!?!

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