what will help my hair grow?

I have a hair type 3b and I just moved from California to Arizona and all my hair broke off. I have tried taking keranique pills to help but I feel like I just haven't found the right products or washing/conditioning regamin. Can anyone help?

3 Answers

the dreaded breakage! we all suffer at some point. have you tried a deep conditioner or a pre poo. A good protein treatment is great for breakage. Also use a leave in conditioner to prevent future damage and help repair your hair. Also when rising hair in the shower use cold water as a final rinse.
Hi,For you hair to grow well. The most important thing is that you need to have a diet and a proper diet which is very important for hair growth and you need to keep your body hydrated. Along with this you can try some home remedies which promotes hair growth like onion paste etc...
For the most important things for healthy hair growth is a proper regimen ; deep conditioning weekly, protein treatment monthly, hair cleansing weekly and vitamins are optional but effective and last but not least is protective styling, this helps u retain lenght hope this helps.