Help! Which hairtype am I? I was thinking 2C/3A

I thought I was a 3A but now I don't think so. I have a mix of 2C and 3A, what do you guys think? Can you give me some advice about a good haircut? I was thinking leaving the fringe and cutting it by the shoulders with some layers, but I'm afraid it won't curl. Been following CGM for over a year, but now my hair seems to need shampoo because of over-moisture. Still trying to figure out its needs...Thanks!

2 Answers

I mainly see 3a, but you could be a mix! I love the look of your fringe and the cut, so I'm not sure what to suggest on that front, but for the excess moisture - hygral fatigue - I'd suggest adding protein based hair masks or conditioners to your regimen in addition to the cutback on cowashing. That might also be why some hair that used to look 3a now looks 2c, if that's the case. Hygral fatigue tends to make hair limper
I really see 3a, that seems to fit your hair a lot more than 2c.