HELP! I have no idea how to handle or style my hair.

My entire life I have been straightening my hair. In fact, I haven't even seen my curls since I was a baby, when people used to ask my mother if she had set my hair because it was perfectly curled. However, I am the only person in my family with any type of textured hair, so no one ever knew what to do with it, so I learned how to handle it as if I had straight hair. Three weeks ago, I took the plunge and cut off a large chunk of my hair, mainly because it was all dead, and since then swore to myself that I wouldn't use heat on it anymore in hopes to keep it healthy. However, I have no idea how to handle my hair, it's just a giant frizz ball and I haven't been able to do anything with it other than throw it up in a bun on the top of my head. Based on a bit of internet research, I've concluded that I have a mixture of 3A and 3B in shape, my hair is dense, medium thickness, and medium porosity. How do I take my hair and make it live up to its potential, be as curly as it can be, and somehow survive living in the humidity of florida without becoming a poodle? Thanks so much!

1 Answer

Hi there! I used to hate my 3B curls as a kid and teenie because I didn´t know how to handle them and my mom would treat them like straight hair (e.g.: comb it while dry!!!)I`m still learning how to handle them to make´em look gorgeus and I made my hair my signature now!My best tips:- Leave in conditioner- Water or styling spray for the mornings- Find a good stylist who understands curlz and can advise you well (still haven´t found it myself)- Youtube tutorials!- Love your curlz and feel identified with them ^^- Have fun with in the process :)XOA.