HELP! I literally don't know what I am doing with my curly, frizzy, coarse hair.

Hi ya'll,I have straightened my hair my entire life. Most recently, I have decided to embrace my natural curls which seem to be "3B". However, I don't like the results I am getting. I only have a few defined curls amongst a ball of frizz. So based on what I am reading, I am skipping shampoo (for the most part), deep conditioning and then blotting my hair with a t-shirt straight out of the shower. This is where my confusion kicks in. Do I mix products together (an anti-humectant cream and an oil) and then rake them through my hair while my hair is wet (because even after blotting it with a t-shirt my hair is still pretty wet)? Do I wait until my hair is damp? Or do I wait until it is dry to put in the products? I also do not blow dry my hair, I always air dry. HELP!!!

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