Help! I have super curly dry and super thick hair. I do not know how to take care of it or style

no matter what I do it seems nothing works.  I'm not really sure what hair type I am but I am out of control. 

1 Answer

I can totally relate.Tips:1. Conditioner! Shampoo can suck moisture out, so use it at a minimum, or stop completely. Conditioner will be your best friend on keeping hair moisturized and healthy.2. Oils!Tea Tree, Peppermint and Moroccan Oil are all great for helping hair quality, strength and texture.3. Trim it!If you haven't gotten a haircut in a while, that may be your problem. Also, stylists may be able to apply or recommend great products specifically for your hair.4. Pineapple and Silk!To pineapple your hair means to gather your hair in a big ponytail at the top of your hair. You wear this while you sleep to protect your curls from frizz or over drying.A silk bonnet, pillow or both can really help with not overdrying.I hope I helped!I am certain you have beautiful hair. You should be proud of it :)Thank you.