HELP! I want 4-6 inches of growth !

I would like to recieve tips on growing my hair 4-6 in about 6 months. I am transitioning but my hair grew 2inches from 6/15/14-7/10/14.. ( used construction tape to measure) I am very close to APL but I want BSL OR "Boob Hair..." MY hair type is 3b, medium porposity ( spelled wrong ) . Help a girl out please ! 

2 Answers

all I can say is be patient. If your hair grew that fast in 1month then in six months you will achieve your goal. Just make sure u care for your hair right. Meaning cleansing, moisturizing, and retaining length. Itll grow. Dont rush it. But you can look up this technique called reversing methods.. I believe. It involves leaning with your head down to reverse blood flow to you scalp. Research first before you try it. I never tired it, but some ppl swear it works. Your lucky I wish my hair grew as fast as yours:) good luck on your journey. 
If i want to grow my hair i eat two gummie vitamins a day and use hourse shampoo when washing. Also trim your hair every six weeks to get rid of split ends, split ends keep your hair from growing.