Help! I want my old curls back!

Hi! I have noticed my curls are no longer as 'coily' as they used to be most likely due to dying and lightening/bleaching (I have only lightened my hair two times and I dye my hair black every few months to cover my roots). It is mainly the front parts of my hair as the back seems to have maintained its smaller ringlets... I have started to use a diffuser but the front small handfuls of hair do not curl but wave in a 2b frizz(My hair is around a 3c and a 3b)! Does anyone have any advice? Or types of products I could use?  (Just to note I do not use product in my hair other than a bit of conditioner mixed in a water spray and I only use vegan beauty products!) :)  Sorry for the babbling on!-Mia

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