Help! Why do people keep touching my hair and being rude when I ask them to stop?

People keep touching my hair and when I ask them to stop they're very rude and I don't know what to say to them. Does this happen to anyone else

2 Answers

HiYes, it happens to me a lot. Especially when I was younger people wouldn't stop touching my hair or trying to run their fingers through it (aarrghh I can't when they try to do that, it just messes up all the work I have to do to make it look nice and its just soooo annoying :/). Anyway just tell them that you don't like it and that it's rude to touch someone's hair without their consent. I mean when you're walking in the street and you see a cute dog, you ask permission first to its owner before touching it, right ? (btw I'm not saying that you're a dog, don't get me wrong lol)If all else fails to make them stop just put your hand in their hair and mess it up. Its kinda mean but they'll get the message and trust me, they won't try to touch your beautiful hair again lol :)PS : sorry for my bad English and my poor grammar :3
It's your hair, not theirs. I think it's realllly out of their mind to tell you not to wear your hair down if you don't like it. So what they're saying is kinda like if we're wearing a dress they're allowed to pull it up, or else we shouldn't wear it. Just to compare it haha.Are the ones saying that still young or teenagers? I'd advise you to just tell them to not touch it, if they like it they can look it but there's no need to touch it. Their hands might be dirty and we curlies put a lot of work in it, a pair of hands can mess it all up. If they are your friends or if they are young like I mentioned I would honestly run my hands through their hair and mess it up as well.