Help?! Questions from a curly girl on the autism spectrum with an overpowering mother

Hi. I'm (according to the test) a 3B/C girl with super thick hair. I just found this website after 25 years of struggling with my curls and letting my mother and sister pressure me into getting a brazilian blowout. My hair is now in transition (I think is the term) and I'm just learning how to take care of it. A little late, I know. I have so many questions and I hope I'm not bugging anyone. I don't have access to the curly girl book because of my mother and various other reasons. A friend told me recently that the way I've been drying my hair (the flip, twist, flip towel) is awful but doesn't know how to explain why. I'm lost, stuck at the beginning, and in need of help from a curly girl mentor. Help? 

2 Answers

If your question is related to the towel, yes its bad in the sense that that kind of fabric causes frizz in your hair, but it wont kill you if you use it :) Use a tshirt instead of a towel or you could buy what is called a micro fiber towel.
Healthy curls crave love, that's the foundation for the CG method (Curly-Girl). Look around the site and go shopping, you'd be surprised how much you can learn here ;) Good luck