Help! Ready for next steps

I have had curly hair for about five years since my son was born.   Overtime is gone from wavy to full on sausage curls.   Below is will see a picture of what it looks like when it dries by itself naturally.  I love that my curls have gradually gotten more definition, but I'm not a fan of the sausage roll look.  I am using Aveda be curly shampoo and Shea moisture rose conditioner.   Out of the shower I am applying either the Aveda be curly curl controller or kinky curly knot today with Davines Oi all in one milk.   Here is what I wonder: how can I get my curls to start at the scalp and not just 3/4 of the way down like it does now, and how can I create a little volume without completely frizzing the curl out ?  Would love absolutely any advice!  Thanks! 

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