How to help roots of hair get curly instead of it curling fromthe ear down?

straight at roots, curly by the ear down

1 Answer

Mine does the same thing, haha.  My new stylist taught me how to use clips to keep that from happening.  So you need some clips, like these, and when your hair is wet you grab one, pinch it open, and stick the two prongs against your head (so the length of the clip looks like it's sticking out from your head).  Open them wide, stick them in your hair at the roots and drag the little clump you've grabbed up and twist, and then let them close, maintaining that twist in your hair.  Repeat as many places as you want, let dry for a while and then you've got more curl at the root. Does that make sense?  I don't have a video of it, so hopefully I explained it clearly enough.