Please help! What type am I?! No idea!

The top is flat and wavy, underneath is curly and spirals. Its thin but there is a lot of it. I am so unsure and also confused on what to do with it!! Pleaseee helpp

3 Answers

It looks like your hair is curly, yes? You are most likely a type 3a....btw I have a similar problem, but the top of my hair is straight..  I know, weird. Hope this helps!
When you registered did you answer the hair type questions? It looks to me like you have a 2A/2B pattern showing.  It is pretty common for us curlies to have more than one curl type, so you definitely could have other curl patterns on parts of your head that we don't see in your pictures.  In addition to looking at the pictures to compare your hair to, pay attention to the characteristics they list. For example, my results stated that my hair is easy to straighten, and highly influenced by the weather.  This is very true for me.  I am a 3A according to the quiz and that is pretty accurate.
I agree with haydnikki, you look like a type 2a/2b. By using the rigth methods and products your hair could have more waves. Type 2c looks more like this: