Help with my curly hair

So some of my curls have been wavy lately. I don't brush my hair, but when I wash it I put my fingers through it. When I am done washing my hair I scrunch the waves but it just won't really work. My hair is 3b and a little 3c.

3 Answers

Perhaps you need a little more hold to your curls, after washing try scrunching in a little leave in conditioner, mousse, or gel. Which ever is your preference, but which ever you choose it should still leave you with soft curls.
I second what anonymous said.... what styling products do you typically use? For me, if I rinse all my conditioner out and don't put any styling products in, my hair is soft, but the curls will be undefined. I typically leave at least some conditioner in, and I'll use Fruit of the Earth 100% aloe vera gel or SheaMoisture curl defining smoothie and scrunch that in before I plop with a t-shirt. If you do use a styling product, then maybe try using more of it or consider switching to something else. 
Yea, like the other two answers, you might need a little hold. Id try something light first like a very liquid serum like gel... think Curls In A Bottle.