HELP:CG Method Not Working..... What To Do?

I have been doing the CG Method for about 2 or 3 months. IT IS NOT WORKING! I really want to have healthy curls, and I love the idea of using natural products, but what I'm doing isn't working. I am a high school senior, so I'm on a budget.Here is what I use:CoWash: Suave Naturals Conditioner (coconut)Leave In: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing SmoothieStyle: EcoStyler Krystal gel or          Shea Moisture Curling Gel Souffle or          Alba Botanica Strong Hold GelOil: JojobaThe EcoStyler doesn't provide enough hold. The Shea Moisture Gel leaves my hair looking greasy and like I didn't scrunch even after I did scrunch. The Alba Botanica worked pretty well (sometimes), but I used the whole bottle in 2 weeks, and it is expensive AND I have to order it.I am mixed, but you would think I am mostly Caucasian by my skin and hair. My hair type is 3b, medium texture, dry, and frizz-prone. I need products that give me A LOT of definition and hold, but that leave my hair touchable. I also need a hairspray. (I sing on stage and have to have hair that holds up for a long time)Any recommendations?With the CG Method, I haven't been getting any of the things I'm looking for. My parents are desperate for me to switch back to what I was doing before, because my hair looked better. It didn't look good before CG, but it looks worse now (frizzy, no definition or body).I guess my real question is.... should I just give up the CG method? If I did, how could I compensate for the moisture lost by the sulfates in shampoo? Or......Should I give it more time and break out another $50 bucks (that I don't have) on products?I am frustrated and want to cry. Please help!P.S. My hair is really pretty and curly underneath and more wavy and flat on top (the canopy?). Will short layers and duck clips help?Thankshelp?

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the CG method is about experimenting with different products to find the combo that works best for you. It sounds like your main issue is with the styling product. I find that cream gels work well for me. Two favorites are Unite Boing and Paul Mitchell fast form. It's a lot of trial and error and there's no one magic combo that works for everyone. Go to our Product Review page to see what other 3bs are liking.
Shampoo- free methods don't work for everyone.  You may have to do a modified routine. Dig around on this site to learn more.  
Your curls look similar to mine. I have to clarify once or twice a week. Shea products do not work on my hair and make it hard. My hair does not like a lot of protein either. My curls get gorgeous with heat after applying the product. I'm a low porosity, 3B with some 3A. The eco styler argan oil works wonderfully on my hair after I put giovanni leave in. My hair does not like too many products. It took years to find out what works and research on these boards.  You will have to experiment. 
I agree with Michelle! If these are the only products you've tried using CG method I would definitely try different products before giving up on the method! You and I use the same co-wash. You might want to try Nature's Gate aloe vera conditioner for your main conditioner. I use it and it's super cheap and works really really well for my hair. It is totally safe to use as a leave-in. You might also try Fruit of the Earth aloe vera gel as a styling product. Again, super cheap and for me it works well on days that I want a little more control.