Hey I'm wanting ideas for hairstyles for my hair type (3b/3c) *pics*

Hey everyone! I have curly hair that falls somewhere in between 3b and 3c. I normally comb my hair so the curls may not seem as tight as expected. The pics included show my hair when it's short, medium, and long. I'm looking for hair style ideas, I've always just rocked it as shown in my profile picture (medium length). All ideas are appreciated and joking around is welcome too! Thanks people.I'm not too knowledgeable about hair (maybe cause I'm a guy) so complex terms might throw me off lol

1 Answer

I just put in "guys with curly hair" on Pinterest and got loads of great pics! Some w/ cropped sides some rocking out big and full. You should get great ideas there. The big challenge will be to find a hair stylist (preferably) with curly hair who knows how to cut it well. I'd def look for reviews and possible reference pics. You've got good hair. Don't brush it out. Look into the Curly Girl Method (yep, sorry, that's what it's called). You will learn good pointers on how to take care of and rock curly healthy hair. Best!