hey..i have got 3B curly hair..and curly fringe..how do istyle it?

i have gt shouldered level 3B curly hair...along with fringe...i'm clueless about my hairstyle..please help me..how do i set my fringe..i tried poof..but i need some other style..please help me..u can mail me yo suggestions too [email protected] :)

1 Answer

Couple ideas for you. You might also want to talk to your stylist for ideas. Go Straight. Like Taylor, you can capitalize on the dry air to straighten those curls for the winter and cut a straight cropped bang. Make sure to prevent split ends and damage by doing frequent deep conditionings, and use a heat protectant before blow drying and flat ironing.Go half-way. Depending on your curl pattern, you can straighten your bangs and style the rest as usual, keeping your natural texture. Check out this great article on how to create a lot of fun looks with this multi-textured approach.