Hi, My hair is falling like crazy, doing nothing wrong. Also, any frizz solution for low porosity??

1) I don't know what's wrong with my hair. Did everything I could, changed products, made a blood test, visited a dermatologist, nobody knows what's up. Even my emotional condition is good, not stressed or anything. 2) I have been having a hard time to keep my curls stay for as long as I can (I wash my hair once a week, too dry and it doesn't get dirty that quick) and it doesn't seem to hold the curls like before. I just found out that I'm low porosity and I recently had a hair cut and my hair starts to look more curly than before. but it doesn't hold it and it gets frizzy on the third day or even second day, it wasnt like that when it was long and more relaxed. Any suggestions?

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