Hi, my hair is hard to comb and i always end up pulling out a lot, pls any tips on how to maintain

my hair is a bit kinky but also curly and get easily tangled

3 Answers

make sure your always combing from ends to roots not the other way round ! And maybe try finger detangaling I find I lose less hair that way.
Comb from the ends to the roots with a wide tooth comb. If it is still to hard, try starting even further down on your ends and lessen the size of the increments as you move up the length of your hair. Finger detangling is always a good idea, too. Also, try to find products such as conditioners or leave in conditioners that have a lot of slip, this makes it so much easier to detangle.  A conditioner with a lot of slip coats your hair shaft so that your individual hairs slide right by each other instead of getting all tangled up.   Hope this helps! Good luck!
make sure you are only detangling in the shower with wet hair! conditioner will provide some slip and make it easier comb through. trying to detangle with dry hair will cause yo to rip out even more hair than you would in the shower. and just as everyone else said--use only wide-tooth combs or your fingers.