hi, i have 3b,medium length,curly hair . i have a lot of split ends i want to cut my hair ,i am 13

i have square face and an even cut my hair has split ends everywhere and i can't afford the money for going to the salon; we don't have deva cut in the country ,and i am 13 trying to grow my hair ,is there any way to get rid of all the split ends that i have and cut my hair in a flattering and wonderful medium length hair , i want to avoid the triangle look in my head,thank you so much

2 Answers

hiya, im too 14 amd i use to have the same problem you have now,i hate lots of split ends and so i had to get lots of inches cut off so my hair was medium length but i had the triangular problem so i went to this special hair dressers for curly hair and i got layers, my hair is even shorter now at shoulder length but it is no longer that once triangular shape. So if you worried about the triangle you could get layers but if you do it might be best going to a hairdresser that specialies in curly hair, sometimes you can cut the layers wrong.Sorry for the long answer. Wish you luck.
One thing i forgot to miss out is that if you dont already know you can do hair treatments, masks and different oils on your hair to try to repair you hair naturally but cutting is the best it will get rid of the damaged ends.Gd luck again