Hi! i have 3b/3c curls and my hair is normal. It wont grow past shoulder length.Help!

I also take bioton, and condition really well. I try to do a oil deep condition once a week. and i finger comb.Help!

3 Answers

Shoulder length with your curl pattern is actually pretty long when stretched. It is possible and likely that your genetics don't allow your hair to grow any longer. We have genes that determine growth cycles and terminal lengths for our hair.
Thank you. My mother has had really long hair but she has straight hair. Is their any proven product that u know of that will speed up my growth in my time span to get length?Thanks!
My hair is 3b and it quit growing after a while because I quit getting it trimmed. Once I got back into the habit of getting the dry ends trimmed off every two to three months my hair started growing much longer! Best of luck!