Hi i have 3c hair and have been natural for a Long Time, just want my hair to grow fast please help!

i hâve been natural for à Long Time and throughout my junior and senior year of highschool i twisted it for and it grew to my sholders. But, i wanted to get it straightened and i went to the salon and the lady cut it and its back to where i started its been 2years since it happened. I started dying it with the shea moisture hair dye. My hair is just pass my éars and hâve been trying my hardest to get it back to where it was, how do i get it to grow faster? I hâve been using Jane Carter hair oil for 8 years and dont want to stop. I also take-off vitamins and biosil That help hair and nails. What to do???

2 Answers

I have been a curly girl for the last 3 yrs or so. When I first started my hair was at my chin due to having a salon cutting off the middle of the back length hair I had straightened for years. I started taking GNC Womans Ultra Nourish caplets & within a few months my hair was to my shoulders. I cut it again up to my chin, by mistake b/c I was trimming my curls by myself. I started taking them again, & my hair is at least to my shoulder blades. So these caplets work. My hair is much stronger, shinier & longer.
Hair growth is tricky. Your hair grows but keep the length might be the issue. If you have splits end that causes breakage. It could be your diet, it could be over manipulation, or the types of styles you use. I think if you focus too much on growth you become obsessed with it. You instead should focus much more on the health of your hair, scalp and body. If those things are in great shape your hair will grow longer and you will see less breakage.