Hi, when I wash my hair and let it dry naturally it is all spirally but goes straight like straw wit

when I wash my hair and let it dry naturally it is all spirally and has curl definition and a little shine, in short, I like it. Within a few hours it has turned to straight straw! What should I do and why does this happen? It's not as a result of tying it back either. Many thanks. 

2 Answers

Try the Curly Girl Method (you can find it on her, on Pinterest, online, in the book- Curly Girl Handbook). Getting rid of sulfates and silicones in your products will allow your hair to receive better moisture. Plus, you will likely need to put some kind of product in it after you shower even if it's just a leave in conditioner but if you don't want your curls to loosen up then you will also need to put a hold product in like a gel. 
Hi Ali14, Are you suffering from heat damage perhaps? That can lead to curly strands sticking straight and being "straw like." If you think you are, I would work on getting some moisture back into your hair. Use deep conditioner, and practice protective styling by doing braids and buns. Be sure when you wear a protective style to apply a moisturizer or leave-in conditioner before. Do this for a while, get a good trim, and your hair will start to repair itself. If you don't think it's heat damage, it must be the weather. Where do you live? What type of climate do you live in?