Hi I'm 16 and I've always been natural it's just this time I'm not using heat (no heat challenge)

well I haven't used heat for a month now and some of my curls are popping up now but how can I make the rest of my curls pop up? Or will it take a while since I used to use heat often on my hair?

1 Answer

Congrats on going no heat! I'm not an expert on this but I will share what I know from experience and research.Your hair might be "heat trained" which is a nice way of saying slightly heat damaged and as you may know heat damage means your curls have been permanently altered. Some of your curls may pop and some may not. I had a patch of hair in the same state as your hair (or at least the situations sound similar) and even though the patch did not return to its original curl pattern, after consistent moisturizing DCs, regular heavy protein treatments, and incorporating frequent ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Reconstructor use, the patch began to "curl" or "pop" once again. Before my bi-annual trim which chopped off the patch completely, I had the following patterns: 3C (nape), 4C (crown), 4A (sides and front), 3A/B (patch)