How can I adjust my current regimen when swim season starts?

I have been natural all my life, but did not know how to take care of if so my hair is super dry and damaged in the front and pretty bouncy springs in the back. About 2 months ago I decided I was gonna do a hair journey so that all curls could return to their original state and so that my hair can grow past my arm pits without having to cut it all the time. My swim season starts in a 2 weeks and I need help with adjusting my regimen so that my hair can continue to grow And stay moisturized.

2 Answers

Hi. Always make sure to rinse hair after a swim. The chlorinated water is a discoloring agent for your hair and makes it brittle. Always wear a cap and just before putting the cap on slather a small dollop or two if conditioner onto your hair, this reallyyy protects your hair. Also condition after headwash and continue as usual.
Hey. Over the summer I had to tend to my natural hair while taking swimming classes once a week for two months. Firstly, I always wore a swimming cap which I'm sure should be a requirement anyway, my hair barely got wet under the cap. To maintain my hair I always wore a protective style under the cap so that it wouldn't frizz or static my hair. I recommend doing a braid out or double-strand twist, anything the keeps your hair flat under the cap and after when your home I would recommend a co-wash and leave in. (on my swim days I also always moistened my twists with some oil before i started my classes so the cap wouldn't dry out my hair). Good luck!