How can I get rid of major heat damage?

My hair use to be super curly (3b) all over. I use to straighten my hair all the time. Now, the bottom layer of my hair is practically straight. (the picture only shows the damaged part) How can I fix this without doing more damage to it? 

3 Answers

You can try deep conditioning treatments, but you might not be able to repair it and instead will just have to wait for new growth.
1. Stop straightening it. Don't use any heat on it at all costs.2. Trim it.3. Don't brush it.4. Curly hair needs so much moisture. Condition it a lot. I condition twice a day and only shampoo once or twice a week.5. Don't use a lot of styling products on it.Hope this helped!
I had exactly this problem when I decided to go natural in May, my previously 3b hair had gone to 2a in places, this happened in just 1 year (as it was curly even though I'd been straightening for years) anyway I had about 5" cut off my hair to rid of damage, then I saw on YouTube that even though it's not damaged it can be "heat trained" which I expect some of yours is, my treatments were Aubrey organics protein conditioner, aphrogee two step and lots of moisture deep conditioners alternating with coconut oil pre poos, it has worked but taken time. I avoid heat and cut out any straight bits I find. Hope this helps!