How can I keep my hair nice overnight?

So I have type 3c hair and it is too short to put in a pineapple, when i put it in a satin bonnet my hair takes the shape of the bonnet and turns into a small crushed afro (that isnt cute). If i do use anything and just sleep on my satin pillow case the sides of my curls get crushed into little flat lifeless hairs. its so frustrating because I have to take a shower  in order for it too look good (I always co wash) or else i put it in a pony tail.what can I do about this?!?!?this is a picture of me from a lil while ago, I dont let conditioner dry in my hair anymore b/c i hate the shrinkage so now its a little longer/looser/moving/non-crispy. its very soft to the touch now that i don't put conditioner through it outside of the shower.

1 Answer

Try sleeping in loose twist, then refreshing your hair in the morning.