How can i loosen my curls ? help me!

Hi guys! so i need help with trying to loosen my curls! i really want my hair to be long but once my hair is dry, it gets super coily and shrinks! is there anyway to loosen my curls up! I have type 3b/c hair and i'm sri lankan (Asian) so my hair is very rough, frizzy and coily! please help me :(

4 Answers

I recommend heat training your hair if it isn't too severely damaged. Flat iron/Press your hair about once a week until you see the desired results that you want. Make sure you flat iron is no less than 311 degrees and no more than 400 degrees. 311 degrees is when the protein in your hair start to change (which makes your hair's curl pattern looser) and 400 degrees is when your hair will start to burn. Now, heat training is a type of damage, but it is controlled damage if you are okay with that. If you use heat too often or your flat iron is too hot, you will have to BC your hair. Also, apply a very good heat protectant to your tresses.
Lol aww! There isn't anyway to naturally 'loosen' the texture that comes out of your head because I have 4a coily hair and what I use to detangle is Suave Naturals Conditioners which are sulfate free, paraben free, etc. But there are texture softeners, relaxers, and like Alleah said, heat train.
do not heat train its ! the proper name for it is heat damge you can always braid your hair into two french braids on ether side of your head that will make nice waves
I tried for years to loosen my curls but apart from chemicals or heat damage but the only thing I found made any difference was when I started being nice to my hair. Getting your hair to a good condition works wonders. I used to religiously straighten my hair twice or more a day for about 8 years and in that time I only ever saw it curly 3 times! When I finally realised that all that straightening just wasn't worth it I bit the bullet and stopped. Since then I have deep conditioned frequently, used lots of hair masks, started using curl specific products and co-washing and my hair is a lot shinier and the curls are a bit looser mostly because they are actually curls now and not frizz. I think a lot of people (myself included) want to loosen their curls because they don't like them but actually it is the frizz and damage that a lot of people actually mostly want to change. I don't know if this is the case for you, but it couldn't hurt to really try to improve the condition of your hair for a few months and see if it helps it.