How can I make my hair grow super long very fast?!

hi! I take these hair, skin , nail pills from Costco that are supposed to be really good for your hair. They have like 5000 mcg of biotin in them, but my hair doesn't grow any faster, in fact, it seems like hardly at all. :(. It is barely touching my shoulders now, but I want to really grow it long. Any suggestions of products or anything I can do to help? Thank you in advance. 

3 Answers

Your hair can only grow so fast.  Are you eating good, healthy food? Your body has to receive the right nutrition for your hair to grow at its maximum potential. 
Having a good diet and oiling your scalp with Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO) can make your hair grow really fast. Getting regular trims and deep conditioning can also help.
Definitely look into how much protein is in your diet as well. Hair is mostly made up of the protein keratin, which reside in the cortex of the hair shaft. An abundance of protein in your diet will allow for your body to allocate more towards hair growth as opposed to other metabolic processes. Make sure that multivitamin you are taking is also easily digestible. If it doesn't contain enzymes in it or isn't whole food based, I would recommend looking into ones that are more bio-available.