How do I defy gravity?

I have 2C/3A hair, and usually take my showers at night and let my hair dry spread out above my head on my pillow. As long as I don't move a love, my hair looks awesome when I wake up, but within a few hours it turns limp and the curls stretch out. I can't stand heavy hairsprays and stiff/sticky gels ... any ideas?

3 Answers

Is it the dryness of winter causing the droop?  If so, try moisturizing , anyway you can think of to get more moisture into your hair.  I have this problem in winter, so I do more conditioning, more misting, and more gel.  I like curl keeper and deva gels for giving support but no stiffness and no stickiness.  Hair just needs a little extra moisture in the dry, cold air!  
Some ladies carry a spritzer around with them for mid-day touch up. You might like Jessicurl Awe Inspiraling. 
Hi, I have long, wavy hair (2b-2c) and I understand the struggles with gravity. I know you're resistant to gels, but I would recommend trying Ouidad Climate Control gel. It's really light and not crunchy at all, and helps to hold curls even through heat and humidity, which can normally make hair droop. What I do is scrunch that gel into my wet hair for a while (I use the "rake and shake" technique). Then I "plop" my hair. I found out about plopping online; look it up to see how it's done. I sleep with my hair "plopped" in soft cotton t-shirt and shake it out in the morning. The waves and curls are perfectly preserved and will hold against droop and frizz. Hope that's helpful!