how do I get my hair to grow?

5 Answers

you could try the inversion method, look it up on you tube
So first thing is first-- STOP using heat to style your hair, BUT if you must, minimize usage.Second- moisturize, and wash hair only one or twice a week. Washing hair all the time leads to dry hair, and dry hair leads to breakage. Since you're on this particular site, I will guess you have naturally curly hair? Rock that do! I use Kinky curly to moisturize and style, and it's incredible. People also love Shea butter. Try the inversion method-- maybe it'll work for you (I tried it for 3 days once, so I didn't follow through). Cut your ends if they are split. (also if you are using heat products use protection, and use it less on the ends)Last-- buy new shampoo! make sure there are NO sulfates, and NO silicone. Good luck growing your hair. These methods have helped me tons!
Oiling your scalp with Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO) really helps with hair growth.
Make sure you're eating right. Your body can't help your hair reach its maximum growth potential unless it's getting the proper nutrition. 
No need to worry, every curly goes through this at some point in time. One thing that has been heard to really help with growth is Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Here's an article on the main points of why it works:, I like to use Vitamin E Oil. It helps the blood in your scalp circulate, which promotes healthy hair growth as well. Ampro has an inexpensive vitamin e-based oil here: also recommend hair vitamins with Biotin in them. Check out what ppl have to say about these popular brands:Hair Essentials