How do I keep my curls looking moisturized?

I am mixed with about type 3 curls. My hair used to be really long with ringlet curls but after I cut it and put straighteners and relaxers in it the texture changed. It is really hard to get any moisture into my hair or even scalp. I try to oil my scalp with olive oil which helps but the curls are hard to keep up and looking their best. Any suggestions?

2 Answers

Have you tried shea butter? It works really well to moisturize and add shine and definition. try a tiny amount to start because too much can look greasy. You can gradually work up to larger amounts until you settle on what works best for you. Here are a couple to check out.
You will have to be patient and start with a repair and treat regimen to restore your from damage. Deep condition weekly. Shea moisture does not work for my hair as everyone suggests. I would suggest you start testing and trying out moisturizing products that will work for your hair.