How do I protect my hair when swimming?

I swim like 3/4 times a week in the summer. Before I knew my hair and how to help it , it was dry brittle damaged and had MAJOR split ends. I don't want that to happen agin and when using a swim cap it always falls off and is uncomfy and unattractive. WHAT DO I DO? A.S.A.P

2 Answers

You gotta watch my video homegirl....Swimming with Natural Hair | #AskNikkiAnyway I LOVE swimming too so I feel your pain. There isn't a way to completely protect your hair from the damage that chlorine or salt water will have on your hair if you are swimming that frequently, but not to worry. Hair is strong and resilient! Deep condition, seal with oil, and get in with braided wet hair, you should see a difference. I certainly did. 
Hi, You have to wash your hair after you swim, every time. This is ok if you use gentle, sulfate free shampoos that don't dry out your hair. Also, use an oil to seal moisture and keep your hair healthy. I used to be in the swim team at my school and I used a brand called Pro Natural’s argan oil shampoo/conditioner and after I used their argan oil because you use it after a shower and leave it in. It's not greasy or anything so I loved it and it kept my hair soft and healthy. You have to get them online though, look them up and see if you like them.