How do you get big curly hair with 3b curly hair type

1 Answer

I've always wished I could trick my 3b curls into looking like a cute 3c poof but they just won't cooperate. However, I have found some ways that help add that extra volume (this in combination with the right haircut of course). Also the more "worn in" the hair is, the bigger it will look - but you will have to have a high frizz tolerance to keep that in. Two product combinations that have worked for me are: Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Conditioner as a leave in and DevaCurl's Ultra defining gel Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner and DevaCurl's Ultra defining gel(at first glance this combination is a little scary because your hair will feel extra crunchy from the combination of the hold of the MC product and the gel, but scrunch it out once your hair dries and add a little argan oil and it will leave you with big bouncy SHINY voluminous ringlets. I personally prefer this combination because I can wear it for up to three or four days (with some touchups using a spray bottle with water and a little more gel) vs the one or two days I get with the Trader Joe's conditioner and it also leaves less frizz.