How do you get tighter curls ?

 I would like my hair to resemble Jenifer Freemans, I've seen people achieve this kind of look even if their hair isn't naturally like that, I just don't know how to do it.                                             I have long 3a/3b hair,goes pasts my breast, medium porosity and density ( I THINK).My current routine is I deep condition weekly with honey and coconut oil, then use mixed chicks sulfate-free shampoo and their deep conditioner to wash out. Then use mixed chicks leave in conditioner and use a diffuser to dry my hair. My hair has somewhat lost its curl pattern from straightening, but I don't have any heat damage anymore. I do occasionally straighten it. Suggestions please ?? :) 

2 Answers

I'll admit, most of the time the only way this will fix is with plenty of patience. But you can also try some heatless methods of achieving that 'tighter curl' look temporarily:1. two strand twists. find out which twisting butter/curly cream works for you, and fresh out of the shower while your hair is soaking wet, twist your hair up. once you reach the end of the twist, wrap it around your finger and hold for a few seconds so it stays. sometimes to get more definition, I use a mixture of a twisting cream with gel, and put lots of oil on my scalp. the next day you will untwist and should see tighter looking curls.2. scrunch/plop. I do this whenever i don't have a lot of time but want to give my curls a more natural, free-forming look. again, while your hair is wet and AIR drying fresh out of the shower, take your microfiber towel and grab your hair by the handful, scrunching the curl. do this all over, and put either mousse or gel in your hair for a firm but not crunchy hold. hope this works!
Thankyou very much, i'll definitely try this :)