How should I style my hair after washing?

I've always just braided my hair after washing because it keeps it detangled, but it can sometimes mess up my curl pattern. Any tips on how I should style it to keep the curl shape?Thanks

1 Answer

Hey Curlyqueen12,I know what you mean. Braids are fun but they don't really embrace your natural curl pattern. I would say try as many different styles as you can. You can start on YouTube. So many naturals out there have tons of styling tutorials. I really LOVE Mo Knows Hair: I've tried everything. Bantu knots, three strand twist, braid outs, fishtails, pin curls, curlformers, pineapples, EVERYTHING. Then I decided I liked wash and gos best.To keep the shape, you should try a curl cream with a bit of hold. This will help control and contour your curls in perfect shape. Also... easiest hack ever... a diffuser! I like using a diffuser to shape and shrink my "bangs". They aren't really bangs anymore. They grew out but I haven't gotten them cut again. Depending on your curl pattern, if you are a 3c, you can really create enough shrinkage with a diffuser to create a faux bob. Oh the wonders of curly hair. let me know what you decide.