how to achieve thee PERFECT big puff hair style?

basically my issue is when i try to the big curly/puff hair style with my hair it NEVER looks like the youtube videos or pics of other peoples hair is a mixture of 3b/3c and some areas have little curl pattern. its like when I put it up in a ponytail, its limp.ANY IDEAS ON HOW TO GET THE VOLUME/FULL LOOK I WANTED?i was thinking about trying to do a bantu knots in my hair then putting it up in a puff since that gave me some volume to my hair/shrinkage.pic im trying to post is from 01/30/2014 and thats normally how my hair looks ( i do flat twist braid outs).

4 Answers

Your hair is gorgeous just the way it is! You might not have a tight-enough curl pattern to get a puff. You could probably tease it, but that's probably just asking for a hot mess. :)
IDK about "perfect" that's relative, but we have kind of the same hairtype. I'm more 3c with a bit of 4a than 3b/3c. When I want a giant bun, I usually wait until my wash and go is about 4 days old, by then it's pretty giant. Then I pull it forward like I'm about to pineapple it, then I loosely tie it with a hair tie. Puff up the top and pin whatever is too loose. I cant upload a photo but here's a link to my "perfect bun" on my Instagram.
Yeah you might be able to get that look with a bantu knot out, but it doesn't look like you have tight enough curls to get a "puff" per se. Rock what ya got! I have the type of hair that puffs but sometimes I want hair like yours! 
For your hair type, I would suggest sectioning your hair into about 5 or 6 big sections, and braiding each section. Use the "banding" method and the next day, voila! Take down each braid and spritz a moisturizer or oil throughout your hair. DON'T wet your hair, just let your second and third-day curls take the spotlight. Water and a lot of styling product will likely weigh your hair down.It gives the appearance that you had a blow-out, even though you used no heat and barely any product! Here's how to do the banding method: this helps!