How to change the curlpattern of the hairends?

Hey Guys :)i try to love my hear since about a year by now, and still searching for the perfect routine! I got a new cut (just a little bit more layered) a few days ago, and bought new Conditioner's yesterday. (I bought one from the bodyshop, because its hard to find the products here from the site in germany.)The only thing that really annoys me at the moment, is (yeah frizz of course xD) the pattern of my hairends.Aaaah sry so hard to explain in english for me ;)On my Photo, u can see what i mean. For example i just LOOOVE the hair of "Curly Penny" ( ).Normally i wear a bun, and get the hair-ends, yeah more straight with that method, but my hair gets also more frizzy with it :(Soooo, the question i really  have is, if u have tips to "straigthen" the hair ends with maybe "heavy" products or smth like that? :) Maybe someone else have the same strange wishes like me, and already has a good way!I have the feeling i wear a bun to often, and my hair gets frizzy with that :/ Thanks a lot :) Oh and sorry for the strange expression on my photo ;D The pink color at the ends was a hm "experiment" of my hairdresser, and i just dont like it xD

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