How to do a braid out with 3B hair?

Some days, I want to wear my curls a little looser, and I thought of a braid out. I'm not sure if I should do it with my hair wet, or dry. I also don't know how should I section the braids, or how it will look. I only find tutorials on braid outs with hair more curly than mine (3c-4c). Does anyone have experience with doing a braid out on 3b hair? Also, are there any products that will hold the style? (Gel does not work well with my hair). Thanks! :)

1 Answer

Hey,I have 3b hair,and usually braid out after I experience is,the less braids the better.I have tried both wet and applying product to dry hair and braiding. I often let it air dry most of the way then braid-if I braid while wet and let it dry all the way that way it will simply shrink up and give me weird kinks and teeny square curls. If I try two or more curls,it will look nice waves for an hour or so, then frizz up/poof up to monstrous size. So one braid while slightly damp,or dry with a bit of product,works best, and gives me stretched out curls which look nice.