how to grow out your bangs?

4 Answers

I had this problem once...I had some "new girl" bangs, you know, the ones that cut straight across your brow. And they were getting annoying and poking my eyes. So I decided it was time to grow them out. I just used different styles to hide them or get them out of the way while they were growing. If you want them to grow faster, try to avoid the heat. That will slow down your growth.Try and sweep them to the side while they're awkwardly long. You can do this by changing your part a little bit, and blow drying (on cool) in the opposite direction. Then sweep them over your forehead. Or, you can bobby pin them up over your head. This worked well for me while they were growing out...I did this every day, and it doesn't require heat. Good luck! 
I use these little claw clip things to tuck them back and work them into the rest of my hair. With 3b hair, you ought to be able to do that. 
I found that bobby pins were my savior when I was growing out my bangs. You can either pin them back or pin them to the side. Once they get long enough you can start training them to lay to the side for a sideswept bang look. The hardest part about having bangs for me was that I had to straighten them in order to wear them out. But definitely use bobby pins to get you through the awkward stages!
if you are willing to practice French and Dutch braids will keep your bangs out of the way and gives you more options