How to keep curls well moisturized but not have hair weighed down?

I have 3B hair and the problem I face is that my hair is prone to being frizzy so I have to put a lot of conditioner in my hair when I shower and after I get out. I notice that my hair, especially close to the root, is weighed down. I love my natural curls when I don't add conditioner to them but it's not practical to wear out because I look like a lion haha. How can I keep my natural hair with volume but not have the added fly-aways? I just don't want my hair to be weighed down anymore but I also need to keep my hair thoroughly conditioned. Any tips? I'll insert a picture (as you can see I have no volume at the root). Thank you!!

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 Do you use a diffuser(on low heat, of course)? What kind of products do you use? If so, I would suggest flipping your head upside down while you diffuse. Some people suggest washing your hair upside down, but I've never tried it.Oh, and check out this video
You have gorgeous curls! Don't stop conditioning your hair, if your hair looks like that when you condition keep it that way. It's so pretty. However, to avoid weighing your hair down maybe switch over to a lighter conditioner? Or use a really light spray leave-in? If you're concerned about volume at the top of your head, definitely try using duckbill clips in your wet hair to avoid pyramid head. I have this problem too. Here's an article that might help you out. Another trick I do is to style my hair upside down and then flip it over. It will give you some quick volume. Good luck! 
Good afternoon Francesamaria,A lot of curlies call that triangle shape; the length is great while the roots are stuck to the scalp. If you are using conditioners with silicones, I would consider switching to a silicone-free formulated product. Silicones create lots of build up and that may be what is causing your roots adhere to your scalp. DevaCurl and Ouidad are great options to consider. Let us know how it goes!Amanda 
Do you air dry your hair? If so, I really recommend putting it in a pineapple until it drys. This prevents the wetness from weighing it down and causing frizz or less volume at the roots. I had the same problem and this really works. :)